Environmental protection trunking

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Dongguan Quanxinda Technology Co., Ltd.

Landline: 0769-8228-5430

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Address: No. 3, Lane 20, Yuanzaotou, Xiabian, Chang'an Town, Dongguan City

Dongguan Quanxinda Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of wiring equipment integrating R & D, manufacturing  sales. The company mainly produces: flame-retardant environmental protection wire slot, conventional SC terminal, T terminal, German standard DIN terminal, national standard DT terminal, bare terminal, PVC nylon insulated terminal, LT European terminal, wiring mark, cable tie, end tape, fixed Seat, fixed head, waterproof joint, bellows, metal hose, casing, number tube, heat shrinkable tube, fixing clip, fastener, etc.,  can be designed  produced according to customer requirements, free of charge Sample trial, on-site service by professional technical team.  strictly in accordance with ISO9000 quality management system standards  management models for management  production.

Our products have excellent craftsmanship, excellent product quality,  stable quality. All products have obtained various international certifications such as UL, CE, RoHs, etc.,  have a good reputation in the country; relying on the excellent quality of Quanxinda, serving our domestic customers, It has also achieved a good reputation in the domestic wiring equipment market  has become a brand of production enterprises such as new energy, rail transportation, shipbuilding heavy industry, electrical, power, automation, low-voltage electrical appliances,  minerals: it has established long-term cooperative development with dozens of large enterprises Relationship, has established a good company brand in the field of wiring equipment  enjoys a high reputation.

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