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Polyethylene hose

Polyethylene hose

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  • Release date:2020-09-15 15:38:15
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Product name: Polyethylene hose


Material: Polyethylene (PE) flame retardant grade HB, refer to UL94

Ambient temperature: -50 ° C to + 80C for a short time to + 100 ° C

Supply color: dark gray RAL7037 / black RAL 9005.

Protection level: IP68

Product certification: European CE, European environmental protection RoSH / PAHS / REACH

Suggestion: other colors  need open hose, please inquire

Application characteristics: good flexibility, good flexibility, good oil resistance, low pressure resistance  low resilience, used in electrical control cabinets, mechanical piping, industrial equipment, electrical insulation, dustproof  liquid protection. When used with a hose connector, the cable is inserted into the tube,  it is perfectly locked  fixed on the outlet hole of the wiring device. Its modern shape  excellent texture make the whole piping system achieve the best protection effect.



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