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Cable joint waterproof equipment

2020-03-25 11:40:47

Cable joint waterproof equipment

 Waterproof equipment for cable joints, including upper cover plate, fixing cylinder, joint placement box, upper connecting lugs, pressure plate sealing cone, the upper cover plate is fixed with upper connecting lugs on the left right sides, mounting holes are set on the connecting lugs, the connector is placed The lower engaging ears are fixed on the left right sides of the box, the upper engaging ears the lower engaging ears are fixed by the first fastening nut, the bottom cover of the upper cover is provided with a groove along the edge, the outer ring of the connector is provided with a convex ring along the edge A fixing cylinder is fixed on the left right sides of the joint placement box. A cone hole is provided inside the fixing cylinder, a sealing cone is installed in the cone hole, a pressure plate is fixed on the top of the sealing cone. The invention seals encapsulates the position of the cable joint, improves the waterproof weak link at the cable joint, greatly improves the waterproof function, extends the service life of the cable.

Cable Connector

Background knowledge

        Cables play an increasingly important role in the development of cities. In order to prevent more lines appearing in the city affecting the city appearance during planning, the cables are buried underground, because the environment in which they operate must have certain waterproofness. The traditional cable has poor water resistance at the joints. Both upper lower sealing rings are used for compaction sealing. Water vapor easily enters the terminal device the connection plane of the rubber sealing ring damages the entire cable.


        Provide a waterproof device for cable joints to solve the problems mentioned in the above background skills. The beneficial effects are: the new type seals seals the cable joint parts, improves the waterproof weak link at the cable joint, greatly improves the waterproof function , To extend the service life of the cable.



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