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What should be paid attention to the waterproof of low-voltage cable joint

2020-03-25 11:40:47

1. After the terminal is crimped, surround the terminal with waterproof filler. Shorten the heat shrinkable tube.

2. If the cable connector is generally a slightly humid environment, wrap waterproof filler tape around the two ends of the cable shorten the jacket tube (it is necessary to bring glue on both ends of the jacket tube).

3. If the environment is harsh, it is necessary to use self-adhesive waterproof tape to strengthen the waterproof (you can also use heat-shrinkable waterproof tape, we generally use self-adhesive tape, heat-shrinkable tape is used to repair damaged cables.

Use cable joints in summer to pay attention to ventilation

    Summer is coming soon. When using cable joints, it is necessary to pay attention to the problem of ventilation. If the temperature is high in summer the electricity is used for too long, it will affect the normal operation of the cable joint, so pay attention to ventilation when using the cable joint.

 Cable waterproof connectors use stainless steel as a raw material, which can be said to have great advantages in all aspects of manufacturing, operation processing. Therefore, although the cable waterproof connector uses stainless steel as its raw material, its cost is relatively high, the cycle life is relatively short. Among the solutions of waterproof joints, it is still a relatively economical one.

First, the stainless steel magnetic problem of the cable joint

If the cable waterproof joint uses stainless steel as the main raw material, you must also understand the magnetic problem of stainless steel itself. Stainless steel is generally considered to be non-magnetic, but in fact, after a certain processing process, austenite series data may be certain to be magnetic, but if it is thought that magnetic is the standard for judging the quality of stainless steel cable waterproof joints, it is precise.

When selecting the cable waterproof connector, whether the stainless steel material is magnetic does indicate the quality of the unevenness. In fact, some chromium-manganese stainless steels are stainless steels that are magnetic. The chromium-manganese stainless steel in the stainless steel cable waterproof joint cannot replace the use of 300 series stainless steel, especially in the high-media corrosive working environment.



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